About The Blog

      I finally discovered how to blog and this has given me an opportunity to express myself, find new friends and share my experiences about dialysis not only to dialysis patients but also to people suffering from CKD or chronic kidney disease; and even to healthy people who wants to be aware of the importance of their kidneys and take care of them. In this blog I want to show that being sick is not the end of it all but instead it is a new chapter in life where I can still think of ways to be productive. Yes it is challenging and maybe frustrating at times but I have learned to face and take things as they come and live with them. I consider this as a battle and I am a warrior who cherishes victory as I overcome adversities one after the other. Also, by way of this blog, I could express my opinion on anything that interests me and that reflects the realities of life like issues, events, spirituality, inspiring stories or quotes and family ties.

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