Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Soulmates: Seven Years And Onward.

    Looking back, I was able to watch my eldest daughter Yanie grow up from childhood to adulthood. She bloomed into a lady who is soft spoken, kind hearted, trust easily, friendly and fragile looking. She is very particular with her looks so that she will look beautiful all day. No wonder at a young age she had already a boyfriend but broke up with him after a while. Then she met Joel who courted her and became her boyfriend for more than seven years. They spent their time playing computer games (Joel has a degree in Computer Science) and talking about anything that would come to their mind. Joel is the more mature type and the second to the eldest among his siblings. He asserts his points with superiority but knows how to reciprocate affection while Yanie would understand what he says and feels. So came the day when they decided that they are really meant for each other and planned to get married. They managed to go through the planning and raising of the required funds and got married on May 27, 2016 at Christ The King Parish in Green Meadows.

     Yanie was very lovely in her wedding gown as she walked along the aisle of the church. She looked so happy and fulfilled all throughout the wedding and reception which went smoothly. Yanie and I became emotional for a moment when we performed the father and daughter dance. My message to my daughter is to consider each day of their married life as a day of discovering their good and bad traits; but they should always focus on the positive ones and accept their limitations and weaknesses so that their relationship will become stronger. They should put our Lord God at the center of their relationship and they should always lift up their problems to Him for enlightenment and courage as they tackle their adversities in life. Lastly, they should always love their children for in them the bond of a family will become stronger.

     It is amazing to note that such relationship exists. Two souls with a promise to understand each other through thick and thin, in sickness and in health -- only in death do they part!