Wednesday, January 21, 2015

A Wedding in the Family

    Months have passed by since Joshua, former boyfriend and now husband of our daughter Nadinne came to our house in Tagbilaran City, Bohol to ask for our permission to their wedding which they have set on December 14, 2014. The reason for their decision to wed soon is to facilitate the petitioning of Joshua to go to Australia. They have tried the Fiance Visa but they were discouraged by the numerous requirements. Nadinne is the second to the eldest and is a nurse working in Australia. The event is special since it is the first wedding in our family. My daughter decided to wed in Manila so we have to fly from Tagbilaran City one month before the wedding and I have to do my dialysis at Capitol Dialysis Center in Quezon City. Luckily I got a schedule even if there were many transient dialysis patients like me. A day after my first dialysis in Quezon City, me and my wife Belen was invited by Nadinne to shop in Trinoma. It was a bit hard for me to go around inside the mall due to my low Hemoglobin which is 8.7 at that time. I was prone to muscle fatigue due to the lack of oxygen in my body brought about by Anemia but I still decided to go with them. I was delighted when my daughter bought me an original Levis denim pants and a Nike Air shoes. There are a lot more walking and stopping to buy things and I forgot my facemask in our house so I have to brave breathing mall air which I know is full of viruses. It was already evening when our companions were finished shopping and they decided to watch a movie and more virus exposure. We went to the grocery after the movie to buy fruits and ingredients for their food menu.

     I felt very tired after that shopping session, my leg muscles were aching and I thought it will be gone after a day has passed but it did not. Again we were invited this time to Joshua's house to meet his parents and also watch the Pacquiao Algerri boxing fight. We ate a sumptuous lunch and drank beer while watching TV and later on sang Videoke songs. After we got home in Project 6, Quezon City, I felt more tired and now feverish. I will have my dialysis in the morning. During my dialysis I had a low fever and felt chills even with three blankets covering my body. I had low fever for three days. When I went back for dialysis, I was told by the doctor that I will be transfused with one bag of blood to elevate the level of my Hemoglobin to at least 9.0. During my dialysis and blood transfusion, I got feverish again with the usual chills. My body reacted to the foreign blood running in my veins and this went on for a week. I was afraid I will not be in top condition during the wedding but thanks to God I felt better the following week.

     The day of the wedding came and early in the morning we donned our formal clothing, me in a dark suit, the groomsmen in grey vests, the bridesmaids as well as with my wife wore long gowns in different colors that the motif which is turqouise. We stayed at the University Hotel in UP Diliman and the rooms are busy with camera men and make up artists walking around. The wedding will start at 1:30 p.m. sharp and after some finishing touches and picture taking, at last we were all ready to go to church. My daughter was very lovely in her wedding dress and it was not long enough and she was about to board the bridal car with us parents. Inside the car, the driver had set the air-conditioning to high cool and it was comfortable for us.                                                          

     We reached the church and the bride remained in the car until the wedding was about to start. The wedding entourage started walking towards the altar and my wife and I were the second to the last to walk and stop at the middle of the aisle to wait for the bride. The center door of the church opened and the bride started to enter and she was lovelier than ever with the UP Chorale at the background in the church balcony. We started walking towards the altar where the crying groom is waiting. My daughter kissed us before the groom took the bride to the altar. The wedding rites were solemn and the weather is just right (not too hot and not too cold). After the wedding rites, the usual picture taking took place. There were more photo opportunities outside the church before we finally went to the venue of the wedding reception at Blue Garden.                                           


     The reception started with the bride and groom coming down from the winding stairs of the garden with a beautiful fountain. When the newlywed were already seated at the center of the reception area, the emcee called on the relatives of the bride and groom for picture taking then their friends and officemates followed. As a surprise number the bride and groom together with the groom's nieces danced to the tune of 'Bang Bang'. Then came the part where the newlywed addressed the audience. The groom was the first but he was at a loss of words for about 3 to 5 minutes due to overwhelming emotions. At last the teary eyed groom was able to utter some words. The bride then gave her message of thankfulness. The putting of the garter on the leg of the bride came next with a different twist. The groom should enter the reception area with a sexy dance to the tune of a sexy music. The guests burst into laughter when the groom walked towards the bride like a macho dancer and slowly taking off his suit and waving it up along the way. There was a men's beer drinking contest where the winner, after imitating the groom on how to approach the bride, will have the chance to put on the leg garter to the woman who will win the contest (in lieu of the tossing of the bride's bouquet) where lady contestants were blindfolded and instructed to try looking for the safety pin in the body of the man who won the beer drinking contest. The lucky winning couple then imitate what the bride and groom is doing. If the groom kisses the bride then the couple should abide.

     Then  came the traditional bride and groom prosperity dance where anyone can pin money even checks on the bride/groom's clothing.The traditional cutting of the cake and toast were next. 

     Then the message of the principal sponsors and parents followed. I had the chance to present our surprise gift to the newlywed. I emphasized to the guests that even if our gift is of less material value, the true value and essence of our message which comes from our heart is for us priceless. Our gift is a collation of their pictures with a touching message at the back of the frame which read something like this: "Congratulations and best wishes to Nadz and Josh. Always put God in the center of your relationship so that you will be strong during your trials and will always keep the warmth of your love burning like you are feeling today when you are joined in matrimony." After the reception, more picture taking in the garden took place. The guests bade their farewell and received their wedding giveaways. We went back to the hotel where the newlywed's families and relatives gathered for an evening snack. Early in the morning, we went back to our respective homes. We felt tired but happy and fulfilled that the wedding was a successful one.

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