Saturday, February 11, 2017

Life After "Armageddon".


       It is not my intention to scare anybody. I should be writing about positive things that would uplift our hope about the future; but the truth is loud and clear, our environment is at the brink of breakdown and we should do something about it before it is too late. This is my way of creating awareness about the condition we are all in and find ways however simple or small to protect our environment and conserve the natural resources we still have. Being aware about the gloomy future and not doing anything and continuing with our lavish and happy go lucky lifestyle with the notion that "We will all die, why not make the most of it by partying, eating, drinking and buying the things we want while we can?" will only make matters worse. This is our mother Earth and we should do our part in making her clean and habitable for our children and the next generations to come.

The Present Day:

       It is safe to say that most people today are oblivious of what will happen to them in the near future. They are caught in their daily routine to work and earn money to buy food and things that are necessary to survive daily. Some buy things that are not necessary but for the sake of its aesthetic value and buy things as an effect of mind conditioning and selling techniques of: TV commercials, billboards, magazines, newspapers even beauty pageants, fashion shows, concerts and boxing bouts. All of us want to build our houses and buy new clothes and shoes. We look into the future on the basis of improving our skill to acquire more material wealth that most people consider as success. We can say that this is happening in a global scale and enhanced by digital boom of the internet and other forms of media.

     Businesses flourish due to production and consumerism because there is an ever increasing demand and some even create demands for goods that have less appeal to consumers through controversy and other unscrupulous marketing strategies. What is important to these big corporate conglomerates are cost of production and profits with the motivation of greed. “Greed is good” they say.

       Everybody is tied to politics and the economic and financial system that are rooted in greed and callousness as long as they satisfy their personal interests to the detriment of the people. Government spending is viewed as economically sound since it improves the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) even if it is already hurting the environment through exploitation of natural resources.

    Technology is making progress in every aspect of human life whether it is for the cure of diseases, amenities and comfortable living or for the destruction of human life like bullets and bombs for warfare.

     Yes, despite all the dangers and benefits that the world can offer, we can say that we are still all part of these conditions – that everything on earth is inter-connected.

The Inter-connectivity of All:

       Tinker on one aspect of humanity and everything is affected. For example, raise the price of fuel or gasoline and the price of goods will also increase and the purchasing power of the people will decrease unless there is an increase in their salary. Transportation fare, electricity and water rates all increase to the burden of the citizens. Even tuition fees are affected by this increase in price because oil or fuel is a prime commodity that we cannot live without. Much more if it is the availability of food that is affected in a global scale. No economic measures could alleviate its catastrophic effect on the lives of people.

        Oil and coal are all carbon based and when burned to provide energy to cars and factories or generate electric power to light and energize machines and appliances in our homes it also emits carbon dioxide to the atmosphere where it accumulates in large amounts enough to cause global warming that have profound disastrous effects to our environment in which we live.

What is being done?

     To avoid this impending catastrophe, Super Power nations are into biological research and development of space travel. An option is to send people in the moon or other planet(s) or space lab to save the human race for possible extinction due to Nuclear Warfare and virus/bacteria pandemics. Scientists are into genetic engineering with the purpose of creating super beings that could survive radioactivity, hunger and resistant to harmful viruses and bacteria. Scientists are also developing super medicines that could cure infectious and deadly diseases. They are also into cloning of individuals whether human or animals whose organs can be harvested and transplanted into humans with diseased kidney, heart, lungs, etc. They will make slave robots for: industries, exploration, home and warfare. The question is will they be ahead or will they beat the deadline of what will happen soon?

The Inevitable Consequence:

     It cannot be disputed anymore that we are now living in a dangerous era where all the signs of Climate Change is happening all around us. Due to the increase in earth temperature due to air pollution, the polar icebergs and mountain ice caps are melting resulting to increase in sea level and subsequent flooding of low lying areas. Seas are warming resulting to the altering of weather conditions creating the El Nino and La Nina Phenomenon causing long period of droughts and existence of strong typhoons and snow blizzards. This also results to warming of the seas that affect ocean currents that have disastrous effects on planktons, corals and algae on major rivers and seas. With less available nutrients, the population of fish is decreasing coupled with the illegal/overfishing practices of fishermen to meet the demand of people consuming fish has resulted to less fish catch and they have to go out further to sea exposing them to more dangers. Less fish catch means higher prices of fish in local and foreign markets creating a “domino” effect on the lives of people. Small village fishermen have less source of protein and they become malnourished and prone to different diseases and mortality. To avoid this, member of their family start their exodus to big cities hoping they could find jobs and provide sustenance to their families left behind in the provinces. Major cities become over-populated which will result to more crimes, robberies and killings.

     Agriculture is also very much affected by global warming since the regularity of rainfall in the area is affected. Long period of droughts results to the decimation of crops and livestock causing exodus of farmers to big cities and other fertile areas. On the other hand, too much rainfall and strong winds will cause flooding and devastation to the farmers livelihood. There is also a problem of salt infiltration and acidification of soil brought about by too much application of chemical soil fertilizers that will result to “locking” of soil minerals and nutrients. Plants will not be able to absorb these nutrients and minerals and would have stunted growth and contain not enough nutrients for animal and human sustenance. Due to droughts, the salinity of soil surrounded by seawater will slowly increase making them un-productive. Soil Erosion and siltation of seas have negative effect on shallow water corals.

     It is projected that 30 to 50 years from now, the availability of potable water will become scarce. The source of non-renewable resources such as oil and fuel would probably been depleted and the power needs of nations will be put in a critical level unless the renewable sources of power are fully developed such as solar and wind energy.

     With less food in the markets, people living in the provinces and cities will have a hard time earning money to buy fish, meat, vegetables and water whose prices would have increased dramatically due to Climate Change. There will be chaos and disorder resulting to looting and lawlessness. The Law of Nature which states that: “Only the strong of species will survive” will always hold true. Anarchy will prevail in the streets and no one is safe even from their houses. Offices and factories will shut down and many people will be jobless.

    Countries will be in grave competition with other countries resulting to invasion and wars that will result to a World War that will force the Super Powers such as USA, China, Russia, Korea, Iran to aim and execute firing orders of their nuclear arms to each other that will result to global destruction. This is the so called “Armageddon” which is the final battle of good and evil.

The Aftermath:

     No one really knows if the human race will survive the nuclear war. For sure some animals and plants will survive and they will dominate the earth. Each Super Power nation has built strong bunkers for their presidents and families and their staff. It is for sure that they could survive many days and even months inside those protective bunkers with enough food and water but for how long? Assuming they have survived and successfully went through the radioactive stage by “means” of scientific wonders and the world has naturally healed itself and plants and animals have grown back, this is the time when a new world will be born. The good will still triumph over evil. Only a few people have survived and there will be less competition for food, water and shelter. Order will again be restored to start a new beginning!

     Just like in a colony of bacteria, there will be time of nourishment and population development, but there will also come a time of over-population and pollution resulting to death of many and their population will decrease. The few strong ones that have survived will then start populating again to repeat the cycle of life!