Saturday, April 7, 2018

My Opinion

These are collation of my opinions about various aspects in life. These were made from 2016 to 2018. Some does not reflect the present situation and maybe does not apply to current time.


“I just realized that language is not perfect and words are not understood as one. A word spoken by one of two parties is not always understood by the other party as what the first speaker thinks and meant to be. So do not assume. Always ask if what she thinks is the same with yours. This is the right way to communicate with each other to avoid conflict and misunderstanding. Clarifying things sometimes lead to an argument. But make sure it is a healthy argument and both of you are exercising patience and tolerance. An example of this is when my wife ordered our house help to trim our yellow vines with beautiful flowers. The helper went out and cut all the branches with yellow flowers. What remained are the main vines that appeared nude and not attractive as before. This is the image that entered her brain when she heard the word "trim" which is in-congruent to what my wife's trim. Same word different images in the brain.”


"Sometimes the glaring truth hurts so much that people cannot accept it and reacts in various ways. Sometimes they are defensive and even blame someone for what happened. Others react with fear and grief. Some uses other people to side with them just to avoid the truth being exposed. Some reacts with hopelessness and tears. Others cover up the truth and expose only the partial truth. Some are selfish and uses deception for a living. Whatever your reaction to truth is; truth will remain and always be there and should be accepted sooner or later."

What do kings and powerful men pursue throughout their lifetime? Is it more wealth, more power and influence or is it the everlasting life? Or is it something more than all the riches and pleasures on earth? Are we really free or are we all bound to a type of system that force us to obey or be damned. Some people say that they have everything but they are still found wanting for more new achievements, adventures and pleasures of the senses. Through their way on top, they encounter more challenges and they have to "pay" for the consequences of their whims. They make sacrifice, step on and use other people even do inappropriate things just to reach their goal. At last when already there on the top, they finally realize that they are lonely and feeling empty. Just like buying a new car. At first, the excitement is heigthened as you start to drive. You are very proud because it is the latest model and many people envy you; but as time passed, that excitement began to wane and the car becomes ordinary more so if you see another car of the latest model. The feeling of wanting is always there, we are never satisfied. This is true for almost everything including your career, business and family life. All things on earth are fleeting -- they fade away, we get old and we become weak in mind and body and everything becomes a thing of the past. Do we realize our great even complex efforts we have exerted just to reach the status we are in? Yet we could have focused on what we value and what we have and enjoy the moment. We could have made it so simple and still enjoy life for what it is.


"What you perceive of something is always subjective. It maybe the truth or it may be an illusion or delusion. To be sure, it is better to verify first before deciding or concluding on something. Sometimes our emotion on what we believe leads us to pre-judged someone. You may think he is guilty by means of your emotion and information (false and true) when in fact he is not. Your belief on some may sometimes be affected by a propaganda - the deliberate manipulation of the brain through emotion to obtain a biased result. The world is full of this. Beware, take care and be cautious. You might be the next victim."


“The crucial question in federalism is: how will you change the orientation or nature of Filipino voters to achieve equality in the political arena? The present situation always indicates that the candidate who can buy the people's vote with the highest amount always wins. This of course is accompanied with traditional use of coercion supplemented with guns and goons.

If this issue is not settled or solved, our country will continue to be divisive in nature and regions and provinces will compete with each other resulting to more conflicts in their respective borders.

If the people cannot elect a good representative, how can their country have a full development of resources?

Some say that only a dictator with selfless conviction to change the country for the better will solve this problem. What is your opinion on this?”

“Culture is greatly influenced by a governing body. When leaders show or practice disgraceful acts of corruption and deceit, it is expected that the people will perceive it as a norm and it is okay to imitate them. When it seems okay to plunder the wealth or resources of a nation and deceive the people with endless promises of change and development. When they engage in heinous crimes such as drugs, robbery and killings for the sake of money and power without suffering from guilt and shame; and when they get away from it all with impunity and pride. All of these will be ingrained in the culture of that nation and expect prosperity will be slow to many of its citizens as compared to nations who value integrity with compassion and diligent to quality of service and production.

“Much has been done on the making, execution and enhancement of political strategies to have a firm grip of the administration; but to the detriment of key factors that really need focus and enduring support. Many resources have been consumed in inappropriate ways that could have boosted the morale, security and economic condition of ordinary people. One critical area that needs focus and support is the justice system. Many people are aware or have observed that our justice System lacks the facilities, logistics and manpower to properly bestow justice to people who needed it. Cases are pending too long in courts leading to the saying that; "justice delayed is justice denied". Not to mentioned that there are corrupt and biased judges who can be manipulated by money, political power and most of the time influenced by close relationship and friendship. Many citizens believe that our justice system only revolves around and only for the rich. If only they can concentrate on adding people with integrity; additional facilities like court rooms, proper penal colonies, rehabilitation centers and stringent monitoring and feedback system; many conflicts, problems involving society or the citizenry can be solved including most specifically the drug menace.

Movie Lines and "Hugot":

“Bakit kung kailan tayo sa wakas ay nagkatagpo sa puso't isipan ay doon ko pa nalaman na huli na. Isang pag-ibig na dumaan sa tamang oras at panahon pero hindi naging tayo. Ngayon ang tamang oras at nasabi ko ang matagal ko nang kinikimkim at totoong damdamin para sa iyo. Masakit malaman na hindi na ikaw para sa akin. Gustuhin mo man o ako rin ay hindi na talaga pwede. Ang ating dating pagibig sa isa't isa ay sadyang naging maling pag-ibig sa maling panahon. Hindi talaga pwede
Ops,ops,ooops! bago kayo mag-isip ng ano pa man. Ito ang konklusiyon sa pelikulang 100 Tula Para Kay Estela. Tinamaan ka?”

(This is about my own interpretation of a movie line in 100 Poems for Estela. Two friends for a long time have not expressed their true emotion for each other. Until the woman fell for another guy and her friend finally found strength to say what is in his heart but it is too late.)

"Bakit noong nakakakita ka Hindi mo ako makita pero nang mabulag ka nakita mo ako?" Kailangan pa bang mabulag ka para mapabilang ako sa 'yong mundo. Hindi mo lang alam at Hindi mo nararamdaman, narito lang ako sa iyong tabi naghihintay na mapansin at pahalagahan mo. Kailangan ko pa bang pigain ang aking diwa't isipan upang ang aking Marubdob na damdamin ang iyo mo rin madama sa pamamagitan ng pagsulat ng 100 Tula? Naks! Epekto lang ng KitaKita at 100 Tula para kay Estela. Hehehe. Sumakay kayo no?


“What really is the purpose of life in this worldly place? Not to live in excess in material things and humanly pleasure nor be intoxicated with power and fame; and most of all not to live in mediocrity. We live because we are made or programmed to strive for the highest level - perfection. "Be perfect as your Father in heaven is perfect". The Olympic was organized to look for the best athlete and we attend College and Post Grad. and courses to hone us mentally in the best possiblway

We kept striving to develop ourselves in the aspects of: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual in a balanced manner. We continue honing our skills in being patient and disciplined. We always try to stick to well tested principles that would guide us in our life's journey.

The most important of all our aspirations in life is to love and be loved unconditionally. When we achieved all of these, our souls will lose the urge to return again to this worldly place. We prefer to stay in heaven!”

“Many lives have been lived. Many various experiences have passed. Many acquaintances and many faces have been felt and seen. Many emotions happy and sad have been expressed. But all of them are now memories of the past and they are fleeting. It would not be for long and even the memories will be gone. A new life a new day all have been forgotten but the ESSENCE of life is always there. Same feelings, there could be variations and combinations but maybe same experiences. Life goes on and on and on. The cycle of life must go on and on. Death is nothing at all but a repose.

“Life is like a journey, sometimes there are rough and difficult times but there are also light and joyful moments. From our experiences we learn how to deal with our adversities and successes in life together with people who love us as well as those who try us for what we are really are made of.

Agos Ng Buhay

“Sa aking paghihintay habang nakaupo sa isang sulok ng mall
at ang aking asawa ay namimili sa grocery, napansin ko ang dami ng mga taong naglalakad paroon at parito. Iba't-ibang klase ng mga tao: may payat, may mataba, may maputi, may maitim, may matangkad, may pandak, may bata, may matanda at 'yong isang ale may karga pang sanggol.

Naisip ko tuloy na talagang nakakamangha ang Diyos na lumikha ng lahat ng ito. Iba't-ibang mga tao na may kanya-kanyang pag-iisip at ginagampanang papel sa buhay. May mga taong mayaman pero mababa naman ang pagtingin sa ibang mga tao pero meron din namang mapagkumbaba at mabait. Mayroon namang anak ng mayaman na hindi marunong tumayo sa sariling mga paa at maangas o mayabang na kayang gumawa ng hindi tama. May mga taong takot harapin ang hirap ng buhay kung walang mga taong tutulong sa kaniya. Dahil sa iba't-iba din ang karanasan ng mga tao,

Halimbawa, lumaki sa hirap at mapait na mga pangyayari, natuto ito na maging matapang at matatag sa pagharap kung ano mang ibigay ng buhay sa kaniya. Pero minsan may kaakibat ding hindi magandang epekto at ito ay ang kakulangan sa kakayahan niyang magmahal at mahalin. Nagiging "bato" sabi nga nila, matigas pero pilit itinatago o kinikimkim ang kahinaan sa takot na siya ay pagtawanan at lumabas na talunan.

Ang iba naman ay tuluyang napapaso at nagpapadala sa agos ng buhay kung saan man sila dalhin o mapadpad. Nagiging lulong sa alak at ipinagbabawal na gamot at nakagagawa ng malagim na mga krimen tulad ng pag-patay, pagnanakaw, panghahalay at panglalamang sa walang kalaban-laban na mga nilalang.
Sa kabila ng lahat ng ito dapat nating tanggapin na talagang ganito ang buhay at matuto tayong harapin na may lakas ng loob sa tulong ng Maykapal ang bawat pagsubok na maaring sumubok sa atin. Siyanawa.”

“Ang buhay ay parang paaralan. Magsisimula ka sa pagkamusmos ang isip kung baga nursery. Habang tumatanda natututo tayo ng iba't ibang bagay. Yan ang Grades 1-8 hanggang high school. Kung matanda na at marami nang karanasan at karunungan, yan ang college o post graduate. Ito ang layunin ng buhay natin sa mundo: ang matuto, magmahal at mahalin at maging perpekto kung maari kagaya ng lumikha sa atin. Kung hindi ka matutong magmahal ng tunay at tapat para ka na ring naiwan sa elementarya. Tandaan mo, maraming kahulugan ang pagmamahal. Maaring para sa iyo yan ang tamang pagmamahal pero hindi pala dahil ang taong iyong "minamahal" sa katunayan ay nasasakal.


“It is nice to have someone whom you can share your life with, who could give you strength when you're down and weary and someone who can inspire and motivate you to achieve something more than the ordinary.

Someone who accepts you as you are and not according to her whims and ambition. Someone who will be there whenever, wherever, whatever, however and loves you for better or for worse.”

“When you feel that your burden is too much to bear and it seems that no one is beside to comfort you. This is the time to realize that the power of the Almighty is much greater than anything else. This is the time when you should surrender everything to the Lord for He is the rightful owner and creator of all things and that includes your thinking and emotions. Don't bear the burden, lift it up unto Him and feel that you are important and ready to perform things that will glorify Him. Feel light and free.

“The world is filled with consciousness but each one is typically unique from one another. I am sure that all of these come from only one source; and that is from the -- DIVINE!


Ang Kabukiran

Nang ulan ay pumatak sa tigang at uhaw na lupa.
Tahimik na bukirin napuno ng kokak ng palaka.
Mga magsasaka'y gumayak sa bukid ay gumagala.
Nagsimulang bungkalin ang
mayamang lupa.

Punla'y inihanda para sa masayang
tanimang magaganap.
Umaasa na ito'y yayabong at
mamumunga sa hinaharap.
Di alintana mga pagod at hirap kahit tirik man at mainit ang araw.
Tumagaktak man ang pawis
saya at sigla ang nangingibabaw.

Dating kayumanging lupa ngayo'y
naging makinang na dilaw at lunti.
Makapal na tubo ng mga palayan
ay malawak na nagpupunyagi.
Saan ka man tumanaw sa paligid luntiang palay na ngayo'y lumalaki.
Nagbabadya ng masaganang ani
na magdadala ng lualhati at ngiti.

Kaysarap maglakad mamasyal sa malawak malapad na bukirin.
Malamig at malinis na hangin sa umaga ay kaysarap langhapin.
Hangin na nagbibigay buhay sa bawat ugat ay nagpapaigting.
Sa katawan ay nagbibigay lakas
upang pag-ani ng palay ay pagigiin.

Di nagtagal butil ay unti-unting umusbong sa uhay ng palay.
Palatandaang pag-aani ay darating
at aalamin kung ano ang taglay.
Uhay na dati'y dilaw at luntian
ngayo'y gintong napaka-makulay.
Masayang anihan sa bukid dumatal
nagbibigay ng saya sa ating buhay.

Ang mga ina ay dapat mahalin samantalang sila ay buhay pa sa inyong piling.
Inang Mapagmahal

Sa unang pagkakataon nang ikaw ay isinilang at mamasdan.
Abot langit kaligayahan nadama
sa iyong pag-uha tumulo ang luha.
Magmula noon ikaw ay inaaruga
sa kaniyang dibdib ay pinagpala.

Siya'y inang labis na mapagmahal hanggang ikaw ay lumaki.
Iniaalay ang buong sarili kahit ano
pa ang sabihin nila sa iyo.
Kaya nga siya'y napalapit sa iyo
buong puso mo't isipan alay mo.

Ngayo'y wala na siya sa 'yong tabi
naiisip at nangungulila palagi.
Bumabalik-balik na alaala ng
kaniyang lantay na pagmamahal.
Sa bawat pitik ng iyong puso'y
nagpapasalamat lagi mo siyang

Ang buhay ay talagang ganyan may saya at mayroon ding hapis.
Dalawang Mukha Ng Pagibig

Noong una nang akoy balot pa ng payak na pamumuhay.
Sa di inaasahan ikaw ay dumating
kamay mo'y iwinawagayway.
Sa unang pagkakataon ako ay
sumigla at umibig.

Ang mundo ko'y napuno ng saya at nagniningning ang mga kulay.
Ngunit singbilis ng 'yong pagdating
singbilis din ang iyong paglisan.
Naiwang lumuluha at nagtataka
bakit ka nagkaganyan?

Hinahanap ko ang dating ikaw
at ang dati nating pasyalan.
Animo walang katapusang saya
ngayo'y pighati ang nararanasan.
Madilim ang paligid at ang lahat
ay binabalot ng lungkot.

Hindi ko alam kung hanggang
kailan magtitiis at makakalimot.
Ngunit alam ko ito ay lilipas at
may hangganan din and dilim.
Sa dako pa roon naghihintay
panibagong pagasa at liwayway

This means season of Spring that gives hope and life to all.

Muli narito na naman ang sandali na puno ng lakas at pag-asa.
Lahat ay umaawit sumisipol dahil sa matinding saya at ligaya.
Luntian at ginintuang paligid sa bawat Isa ay bumubungad.
Nagpapadama nagpapahiwatig ng matinding paghahangad.

Malumanay na simoy ng hangin na sa aking katawan ay dumadampi.
Nagbibigay sigla bumubuhay sa dugong napupuno ng sidhi.
Di maiwasang umasam ng isang bagay na malimit na minimithi.
Sa kaibuturan ng aking pusoy
Nag aalab na sinasabayan ng ngiti.

Wari'y kalangitan na nabuksan
nang ganda mo'y nasilayan.
Isa kang Diyosa sa aking paningin kumakaway sa iyong himlayan.
Nang daliri natin ay nagdugtong
di maiwasan dibdib dumagundong.
Dagitab ay lumatay sa katawan nati'y nagbigay kakaibang ugong.

Nag-apoy rumagasa at umaapaw
masidhing damdami'y sumisigaw.
Ikaw at wala ng iba aking mahal
damhin natin tamis ng pagsinta.
Hayaan mong tayo ay dalhin
sa rurok na malapit kay Bathala.
Hayaang pumayapa sa kandungan
mo'y managinip at humupa.

 Ang susunod na Tula ay katha ng aking damdamin at isipan sa panahon ng pag-limi2x at pagiisa.

Hayaan mo akong liparin ng muni-muni at galak sa dako pa roon ng kaparangan.
Kung sa ganyang paraan lang masisilayan iyong natatanging kariktan.
Di ko mawari at di masukat
Ang aking tuwa at kagalakan nadarama
Labis labis lalo na nang ikaw ay ngumiti
Nagningning mapungay mong mga mata.
Buhay koy umaliwalas at sumaya
Tulad ng Bahag-Hari na puno ng kulay at ganda.

Medical Research/Opinion:
It has been quite a while that I have been thinking how calcium carbonate reacts with other substances in the stomach. This is relevant to me because as a dialysis patient it has been quite a while that I have been taking calcium carbonate 500 mg. tablet as a phosphate binder to control my serum phosphorus since excess phosphorus cannot anymore be excreted through my damaged kidneys. Phosphorus that builds up inside my body is very toxic and makes my skin to itch and is very irritating to a great extent. Until I chanced to read what am I looking for in the box of Calcium Carbonate that I bought. I finally learned that calcium carbonate when it reaches the stomach reacts with the gastric juice particularly the Hydro-Chloric Acid or HCL. That is why Calcium Carbonate is also a good antacid. As the Calcium Carbonate travels along the small intestine, an estimated 15 percent Calcium of the 500 mg. Calcium Carbonate is absorbed through the blood stream and the remaining 85 percent is reconverted to Calcium Carbonate and other insoluble salt like Calcium Phosphate which are excreted together with the stool. So in order to be effective Phosphate binder, the Calcium Carbonate 500 mg. tablet should be taken with meals so that the Calcium could bind to the Phosphorus content of what you have eaten. That's it the chemical reaction that I have been looking is eventually revealed.


“Scientists say that the Universe started with the "Big Bang". The question is what is happening BEFORE the great explosion? Scientists theorized that time does not exist before the Big Bang" and started from a certain point where you can say that nothing exists since time does not exist. The question again is where did this starting point came from? It is too complex for any person to fully understand. Even the geniuses could not mathematically compute this phenomenon because all came from the greatest of all and we are nothing compared to -- The DIVINE! Do not be proud for you own nothing!