Thursday, August 15, 2019

It's a Crazy Crazy World

Governments of the world are waging war on drugs. They involve many people, time and large amount of money to combat drug addiction; but it seems that they are losing despite their great effort and dedication to duty. Drug addiction is still pervasive and remains a big social problem.

First of all, what is the meaning of addiction? Addiction is the chronic use of a drug or chemical substance despite its negative side effects on the mind and body. People use it because it gives them a feeling of Euphoria or happiness or “heavenly” thoughts and feeling in a temporary state. That is why they have to use it again and again. Some use it for pure pleasure, others use it to boost their energy to cope up with the volume of their work and many people use it to escape the realities or “problems” in life. If they try to stop using the drug, they undergo a state of withdrawal which is great suffering for them and maybe fatal. So they avoid withdrawal by using the drug again. They become so addicted that they neglect their job, sell their belongings and do everything even if they kill or rob a person just to avail of the drug.

The society is trying to rid of addiction but it is ironical to note that the society itself is the one creating these problems and pleasures of life. The world has advanced in technology to uplift the quality of life of the people making daily routine easy to accomplish but they also learned to maximize everything to produce more pleasure and money including of course more work. This technology advancement has instead made life more difficult and complicated leading to more stress of mind and body.

The Global trend is maximization in order to compete with other corporations and businesses. “Maximize or die” that is their motto. The same holds true for all the people inside a system. Shape up or ship out.

Now you know why there are many drug addicts in our society.

Addiction is also defined as a chronic behaviour to something that also give them pleasure and fulfilment. People are addicted to food, games, gambling, sex and many people are addicted to power and money.

Corrupt politicians and other officials (government and private) will do anything to keep their position in order to gain more power and money. They engage themselves in corrupt activities and others in drug trafficking, smuggling and other evil deeds. They make politics as their business because they spend large amount of money during election and expect that if they win, they will get more money in government funds. They do these with the help of goons and other employees in a form of syndicates that are deeply rooted in government/private agencies (needless to mention the agencies, you know them).

They are so addicted to power and money that they look at their task of corruption and evil deeds as a form of war where collateral damages are unavoidable maybe to appease their conscience and convince themselves that there is nothing wrong with what they do. They say we are at war and there are enemies that we have to fight and orders are orders and it is only a job to be done. Obey or suffer the consequences.

Everything revolves around a vicious cycle just like planets revolving around the sun.

The world is at the brink of something that is inevitable and properly called for.

So be it.

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