Saturday, October 4, 2014

During Uncertain Times


Loyalty is not measured by the material things you give but through the genuine thought and feelings that emanates within yourself.

      They say that the dog is man’s best friend since time immemorial. I have seen well trained and even ordinary dogs despite some punishments remain loyal and subservient to his master. This is shown with a jolly face and continuous wagging of the tail when the master has just entered the house. The dog does not seem to entertain a grudge even if he remembers the pain of the correction and “learn” later why he is punished for not obeying the rules or command. For some obvious reason, animals do this instinctually meaning without the proper thinking as men do. Subsequently, the loyalty that humans manifest to their fellow human being(s), country, organization, family and friends is totally different from some animals particularly the dog.

     There is temporary loyalty in politics where politicians are bound by common interests and goals mostly personal with the guise of working for the common good. When someone or something is of no more value and events and conditions are not favorable to his/her political career, the politician jumps out of the party and join a stronger one or puts up his own party. Out of the many praises, gifts, warm greetings, expensive trips and social gatherings, the politician seems to forget everything and only sees the new and useful “ones” that will further his “cause”. If only they could be true loyal servants there is no need for the “Pork Barrel”, PDAF and DAP which are all geared to make them subservient and supportive of the President’s programs/projects including “wishes”.

     But it is not only politicians who possess provisionary loyalty; this could also be true to people working in public or private offices, various organizations and other entities. There are plenty of “ass lickers” who seem to be loyal and shower their boss with beautiful praises, gifts, parties and sumptuous food expecting something like a promotion in return. Their true color shows during difficult times when their boss is under fire and needs support to clear his name and maintain his position. Very few people are loyal up to the end.

     The above type of loyalty also happens between husband and wife. When the husband is still earning and provides the wife with what she needs then all is well.  But when the husband suffers a setback where he loses his job and ability to work then the seemingly faithful or loyal wife quarrels and leaves the poor husband behind. “No money no honey”. Sibling rivalry also affects the loyalty of brothers and sisters with each other. He/she can be temporarily loyal to the other siblings when conditions are right but change loyalty when things go awry. The same is true with friends who leave their friend when they do not want to get involved in something that is not favorable to their self-interests.

     The business and show business world is full of people with temporary loyalty with each other so it is hard to see whom you will fully trust. You must truly exercise caution in your business affairs if you want to be successful. But many are forced to feign affection or loyalty just to achieve what they want. It is not incredulous but countries also practice this false loyalty to other countries just to protect their own national security through foreign “exercises”.

       I do not want you to be affected with all these negativity. I just want to point out what is truly happening around us today so that you will be aware and help you discern who is truly loyal to you. But despite these things, there are people who are truly loyal to each other like husbands and wives who are not perfect but accept each other for what they are through thick and thin. There are parents who sacrifice their comfort for the sake of their children. There are service providers/teachers who are truly concerned with the welfare of the students and the needy. There are true friends who will be loyal to their friend no matter what happens. But loyalty does not happen overnight, it is earned through time (in good and bad times); and for always there will always be like: Francis, Gandhi or Mother Theresa who offer their life for the sake of the people they serve. Be one of them!



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