Thursday, June 19, 2014

Hope With All your Heart And Soul


      I once came across a shared line in Facebook which read like this: "Hope but don't expect". At first I found it hard to fully comprehend the meaning of this because how can you hope for something without expecting it to come true. Even others say that when you pray for something, you should consider it done. A 100 percent expectation. Later on after repeatedly thinking on this I realized that hoping without expecting too much is possible. Hope is like faith which is believing without seeing, hearing and touching. You believe and trust in it. Hope is like a spring that never runs out of pure water. It is hope that motivates a person to keep moving on. They say that we should not lose hope while we are still alive. Persons hope for many things, to mention some: "I hope that you will be a good guy"; "I hope that peace will reign in our country"; "I hope corruption in the government will cease". If you have huge expectations that these will happen and it did not, then somehow you will be hurt. It is the failed expectations that cause broken marriages, broken relationship with a son or a daughter or a friend. It may even be the cause of wars and political misunderstanding. It is the cause of disagreement between a father and his son if he expects his son to be a doctor and unfortunately the son is not inclined to studying medicine and he pursues fine arts instead thereby disappointing his father. This leads to frustration when a father expects his son to follow his footsteps in military training but finding later on that his son is gay and interested in fashion instead. It is heart breaking when you expect your best friend to be with you even in the worst times but left you to protect his personal interest. It is degrading for a father who is well respected in the community such that he has high expectations for his family to be God fearing and with high moral values but only to find out one day that her daughter is pregnant and her boyfriend left her for another girl. There are many more examples, I could only mention a few.

     For me, I do not stop hoping. Day by day I hope and visualize that I will be cured of my disease. I am hoping that my kidney cells will regenerate and the normal function of my kidneys will be restored. In my case my kidney disease is already in end stage and what I hope for seems impossible to come true but I will continue to hope. Nothing is impossible with God! There are many things that I hope for but I am not expecting too much. If it will not be granted then it will be fine with me.

     I am not a regular viewer of "telenovela" but  this can happen or is happening to some men and women. What I am talking about is the just concluded television series "The Legal Wife". Because of Monica's high expectations for her husband Adrian, she was deeply hurt when she found him having an affair with another woman who even got pregnant. Monica cannot forgive and accept back her husband because he did not live up to her expectations. Does this indicate that she only married Adrian because she saw in him that he is faithful and will give his whole life to her? Did she overlook that Adrian is also human who is also prone to commit mistakes? If this is true then it can be deduced that she only love the good traits of Adrian and not his whole self. Her love is very conditional: "I love you only if you are..."  but when you love without much expectations, you will not get frustrated or depressed. You can only hope with your whole heart and soul and forgive or smile when things don't come out as you expected it to be!


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